Booking a Rental Car in New Zealand: Tip #2

Thinking about booking a rental car and actually booking one are two very different things, you’ve got to make sure you get this part right as it can make or break your holiday plans.

But first thing’s first you should ask yourself what kind of holiday you’re after so you can choose the size and type of the vehicle you want.

(Note: Regardless of what vehicle you book, or think you are booking, all rental car companies manage their fleets on a subject to availability basis, meaning you don’t always get what you want – getting in early helps reduce that risk.)

Let’s start with the smaller, more economical number.

A smaller car is great for shorter trips, largely centred in one city – the kind of holiday where you’re not in the country for more than seven days and won’t be driving too often.

Perfect for business travel or day trips but not great if you want to load a whole lot of suitcases in the back and drive down up to Mt Hutt for a day skiing.

Most Common Vehicle Model: Suzuki Swift or Toyota Yaris

If you’re here for a longer stay, a midsized car might be more your thing.

These are ideal for a couple who want to take themselves on a tour around the country for any length of time.

There’s no intimidation like a bigger car but you’re not crammed in like the smaller model. You can sit back, relax, shove the suitcases in the boot and drive to whatever attraction is next on your well planned itinerary. 

Most Common Vehicle Model: Toyota Corolla

Or you might need something a little more heavy duty.

A medium sized car is perfect if you plan your itinerary to the dot. Not much driving between each stop. But with this kind of vehicle, there are no restrictions.

A brilliant all-round vehicle with a high comfort level, which handles the New Zealand roads like a charm. This is a real treat for any type of road trip you can imagine.

Most Common Vehicle Model: Holden Commodore

Or try the king of them all, a 4WD.

Sometimes these are split into premium and economy but these bad boys are the most versatile.

They’re suited to handle any type of road conditions mother nature can throw at you but they’re also a wonder to drive around in.

Think of it like this, a 4WD has your back. It’s got you covered by being bulky enough for safety, comfortable enough for any undertakings, apart from flying…please don’t do that, these are our value for money picks.

Most Common Vehicle Model: Toyota Highlander or Toyota Prado or Toyota RAV4

(Note: Toyota RAV4 are sometimes considered medium by rental agencies)

If you’ve got a load of people to trek around with, we’ve still got something to suit you.

The dubbed ‘people mover’ is just a modern van, perfect if you’re travelling with a group of friends or large family party.

This is the only option to pack into a vehicle altogether and sing along to your favourite road tune, be that the Bee Gees or 50 Cent, we don’t judge at Cloud Travel, we just back you up and sing along.

Most Common Vehicle Model: Toyota Previa or Toyota Hiace

Here are a few handy tables to help those technically minded travellers choose what car will be best to suit their holiday:

And the difference between small and large case (inches and CM are measured from the ground to the top of the carry handle):

This is the second in a series of five blogs about the best tips for renting a car for your New Zealand holiday. Keep an eye out next week for Tip #3! You can also click here for Tip #1 from last week.

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