Booking a Rental Car in New Zealand: Tip #3

You’ve chosen your car and you’ve got it all booked – now it’s time to dot those I’s and cross those T’s.

At Cloud Travel, we don’t want to sound like your mum but you’ve been warned now, this blog post might seem boring but it is one of the most important parts of renting a car.

We don’t want you to come over here and have a nightmare experience with the car that would ruin your entire holiday.

So buckle in.

As all rental cars have various catch phrases and packages for how they pitch their insurance packages, we won’t bog you down in rental car jargon mostly used by the various marketing teams at Friday night drinks.

But instead we’ve got another handy table to break it all down as simply as possible. We’re trying to make this as painless as possible so you can get onto the fun stuff like booking hotels and restaurants, which we’d all rather be doing.

Cost = the extra daily cost on top of your daily rental fee.

Bond = the amount you have to pay up front that will be held until you return the vehicle.

(Numbers are NZD and are representative only)

Also note that all-inclusive does not always mean all-inclusive if booking online and not through Cloud Travel, so be aware of the below extra fees.

Now this is where we like to mention that ‘all-inclusive’ doesn’t necessarily mean all-inclusive when booking online and not through Cloud Travel.

Here are some of the extra fees that rental companies can lump you with, if you’re not savvy.

Tyre and glass insurance (self-explanatory):

Roadside assistance:

Covers: Mechanical faults.

Does Not Cover: Non-mechanical faults, e.g. flat battery or keys locked in car, tyre puncture or stone chips in the window. these will need to be paid directly to roadside assistance and the call out fee

Premium Roadside Assistance:

Some companies offer this at an extra charge on top of your purchased insurance, this covers the Non-mechanical faults listed above and call out fees.

Most car companies will still take a copy of your credit card or pre-authorise up to $250 to cover things such as returning the vehicle with no petrol or speeding tickets.

(Note: Pre-authorisation is not a payment or even a deposit, it is an authorisation that your account has the amount required available. It will turn up on your bank statement as being withdrawn however it is only being held by your bank, the amount will be processed back into your account between 3 and 6 days.)

This is the third in a series of five blogs about the best tips for renting a car for your New Zealand holiday. Keep an eye out next week for Tip #4! You can also click here for Tip #2 from last week.

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