How to Take Baldwin Street Photos Like A Pro

We’ve all been there, puffed and exhausted from walking way too fast up the steepest of all streets, only to come back down with photos not worthy of the sweat and tears it took to get up there. While this might not be number one on your list of potential hick-ups to happen during your life-changing, amazing New Zealand holiday, it should at least get into the top 200 and we say this conservatively.

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “How hard could it be to take photos of a steep street and why does that matter in the whole scheme of things?” Well in all honesty it’s not very hard and truthfully it doesn’t really matter, compared to say, forgetting to book your Queenstown summertime accommodation in advance. But don’t you want to look back on your Baldwin Street photos and be like, “Woah, that was a steep street and my photos are awesome” rather than be like every other tourist who will be looking back at their photos and thinking, “That was supposedly the steepest street in the world… #notconvinced”?

Trust us, by the end of this post you’ll have enough knowledge and ideas to make walking up your driveway look like you just conquered Everest – or, you know, it will just look like you’re walking up your driveway, we make no guarantees.

5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Take Baldwin Street Photos Like A Pro

To the naked eye, Baldwin Street really does seem like the Steepest (Residential) Street in the World, but for some reason most photos just don’t do it justice. 

1) One way to make this majestic street appear as steep as it really is, is by lying on the ground and shooting from a low angle. A word of warning: some people may stop and stare at your out of the box thinking, these people are the same ones that will go back home feeling like they spent their afternoon exploring an insignificant Dunedin suburb. Ignore them.

2) This next one is great for all ages and won’t get your precious puffer jacket dirty. All you need to do is grab a couple of your mates and get your tilt on. Make sure that whoever is on camera duty gets the camera on the same level as the slope of the street.

3) Now we’re getting into the good stuff! This one takes a bit more strength and determination, but the gradient of the street will do most of the work for you. Just imagine you’re Neo in the Matrix, dodging a flurry of bullets from some annoying agent that followed you on your trip to New Zealand – for some reason.

4) By now you’re probably feeling like you’re the king/queen of Baldwin Street; you’re taking the coolest shots and people are starting to notice. After you try out this bad boy everyone will be trying to steal your tricks. Start off by facing the top of the street and imagine you’re about to do a push up. Instead of actually doing a push up, just jump with your feet and try to keep them straight. You have to be quick on the trigger for this trick so be prepared to try it a few times.

5) We’re at the point now where if you do anymore you’re just showing off, but what’s wrong with that? You’ve got skills, why not show the world! This time you want to start by having your back to the ground with your feet firmly placed. Have your arms by your side (these will be propping you up), now use your arms to push your body up and look towards the camera. If you’re really classy it might turn out like this:

Last, but certainly not least, give yourself a pat on the back, you’re now ready to combat your New Zealand holiday potential hick-up number 200 with some out-of-this-world photo skills. If you haven’t already, start assembling your hashtags because your next Instagram post is going to be a goodie! Also, check out the video below for a less wordy tutorial on how to take Baldwin Street photos like a pro!

We hope you enjoyed this fun and sometimes irreverent “How to” article. We’d love to see you try out some of these tricks, so be sure to #cloudtravelnz on your posts!

Also, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us here.


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