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Now our last tip is a bit of a what-not-to-do guide. But to cover all your bases, we’ve also got a handy hint sheet to help you out if what we’ve said not to do should happen. Let’s start with a little disclaimer and remind you that New Zealand isn’t a city based co...
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Fine print is always something to be aware of. You know how no one reads the terms and conditions of things? We just tick the box and hope for the best. Well with renting a car, that might not always be the most sensible idea – but we at Cloud Travel have done the hard wo...
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You’ve chosen your car and you’ve got it all booked – now it’s time to dot those I’s and cross those T’s. At Cloud Travel, we don’t want to sound like your mum but you’ve been warned now, this blog post might seem boring but it is one of the most important pa...
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Thinking about booking a rental car and actually booking one are two very different things, you’ve got to make sure you get this part right as it can make or break your holiday plans. But first thing’s first you should ask yourself what kind of holiday you’re after so ...
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So you’ve booked your flights, your hotel is all sorted, you’ve scouted some top eateries to try when you get here and filled your daily itinerary to the brim, you’re ready to board your flight and start your holiday? Think again – there are a few other things y...
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While getting off the grid during your New Zealand holiday might sound like a romantic idea and there's no doubt that it'd be a great first topic for the travel blog you're about to start, but let's be honest, connecting with friends and family back home as well as the abili...
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I will start by painting you a picture of a quaint New Zealand town called Oamaru. Located on the East Coast of New Zealand, Oamaru is a quiet wee town with amazing Victorian Architecture made from local limestone, giving the sense of a clean (limestone being white) town ...
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