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Cloud Travel is Asia’s exclusive itinerary planning service to discover, plan and book your New Zealand holiday. Whether you’re wanting to plan your holiday yourself with some personal advice or have an expert do it for you, Cloud Travel provides you with organised information, easy planning and convenient booking to make your experience relaxing and fun. Cloud Travel’s multi-cultural team and customer service focus provides unique New Zealand itineraries for unforgettable memories.


Mitchell 米球

I have a passion for helping people have a great time, I like to think about tours in a very detailed manner so my customers don't have to. I have experience guiding tours in New Zealand and creating them. I like to see my customers dream experiences come true, I also like to create itineraries that allow for spontaneity and those moments of relaxation. When I am not exploring and sharing New Zealand, I'm probably making excuses to have a beer at the pub or attempting to cook something that I can never really describe, it is...bespoke to say the least. I look forward to meeting you and together creating your dream New Zealand itinerary. - Mitchell McLaughlin, Itinerary Advisor

Lisa 孙晓桐

After moving to New Zealand I started following my passion for photography, and having the most beautiful scenery in New Zealand to practice on, I methodically mapped New Zealand picture by picture. Travel has the ability to change your life, as I experienced first-hand, giving you time to think and explore your passions. When planning tours, I get to know you and your passions, helping you incorporate that into your New Zealand holiday to create a truly unique itinerary. When I'm not helping people have a great time in New Zealand, I am out snapping photos under sun, stars or storm. Talk soon and I look forward to helping you create a unique experience. - Lisa Sun, Itinerary Advisor


We know that when it comes to planning a holiday everyone has their own way of going about it. That's why we offer two options: The first option is to go for an Independent Itinerary, this is designed for anyone that enjoys planning just as much as the holiday itself. The second option is our Custom Itinerary, this is when the planning is left to the experts (that would be us) and the relaxing is left to you.

Independent Travel

Some people just love planning their holidays, and we think that is awesome. It's a great way to understand the local places you will be visiting and the culture you are about to explore, however, sometimes the internet can provide to many options with no organization. New Zealand can be seen in many different ways under many different circumstances from many personal perspectives, we want your way to work perfect for you.

Customised Travel

We like to plan tours that provide you value for money within the amount you want to spend. Please know, that when choosing a custom tour, we don't plan for low cost options, we plan for what we know is good from our experience according to your requirements and estimated spend. We will give indicative prices from the beginning so there are no surprises.

In-Country Support

To take any stress out of the whole journey, Cloud Travel support will be available during working hours to handle any questions you may have, or just to talk about the amazing scenery you are visiting. Also, when you head home, if for some reason there is an issue outstanding, we'll help you sort it out. This added service gives you peace of mind that someone local has your back.


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