When planning is left to the experts and relaxing is left to you.

We like to plan tours that provide you value for money within the amount you want to spend. Please know, that when choosing a custom tour, we don't plan for low cost options, we plan for what we know is good from our experience according to your requirements and estimated spend. We will give indicative prices from the beginning so there are no surprises.

Itinerary Creator

Now our titles start to sound a little bit fancier, that's because you have to pay for it. Tell your wonderful creator what type of activities you are interested in, what travel style you enjoy, be that self-drive or having a private driver/guide. They will then put together a draft itinerary to make you salivate over your journey, you can make as many changes as you would like to this so it fits your wants perfectly. You will receive this itinerary in a very detailed itinerary plan.

Itinerary Manager

Once you have a custom itinerary, you will have the choice to book it yourself or have Itinerary Creator become your itinerary manager and book all the transport and activities for you. This service is provided at no extra charge and can save you the headache of dealing with every supplier individually. By choosing this option, we also provide you with In – Country support, call us during office hours for any reason at all, even if you just want to chat about the once in a lifetime scenery you are looking at.

In Country Support

To take any stress out of the whole journey, Cloud Travel support will be available during working hours to handle any questions you may have, or just to talk about the amazing scenery you are visiting. Also, when you head home, if for some reason there is an issue outstanding, like your favourite gown getting left behind. We will make sure to reunite you with it. This added service gives you peace of mind that someone local has your back.

Custom Booking Process

Itinerary Creation

  1. Contact us.
  2. Your personal Itinerary Creator will start a conversation with you over your preferred method to find out your needs.
  3. Pay the Custom fee.
  4. Itinerary Creation Fees<7$299
    This covers the time it takes to plan a purely custom itinerary.7 to 15$399
    16 to 21$599
  5. After two working days, your Itinerary Creator will provide you with a draft itinerary and an estimate of the total cost, broken down in a transparent way.
  6. You make any suggestions or requests that apply to you.
  7. Step 4 and 5 will continue until you everyone is agreed.
  8. Your itinerary creator will provide you with a final itinerary and all of the details you would need.
  9. You can go ahead and make all of your bookings as per the itinerary.

Itinerary Management - At no extra cost.

  1. Have your Itinerary Creator manage your itinerary and make all the necessary bookings for accommodation, activities and transport.
  2. Confirm all of the bookings you would like and either make a deposit or final payment as per our terms and conditions.
  3. Final bookings can take up to 48 hours to confirm as ew deal with each supplier.
  4. On confirmation we will send you all the applicable vouchers that can be redeemed directly with the supplier, we will also send you an itinerary applicable to all bookings with all of the important information such as when to conduct weather checks clearly listed.
  5. Arrive in NZ and have the experience of a lifetime!

In Country Support

  1. Contact your Itinerary Manager with any questions or problems during your trip.
  2. Make any last minute bookings with us as you go during your trip.
  3. If you have any problems after you have left New Zealand, we are just a call or instant message away to help you resolve it.

Contact us to get started on your custom New Zealand holiday!

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