When planning is just as important as the holiday itself.

Some people just love planning their holidays, and we think that is awesome. It's a great way to understand the local places you will be visiting and the culture you are about to explore, however, sometimes the internet can provide to many options with no organization. New Zealand can be seen in many different ways under many different circumstances from many personal perspectives, we want your way to work perfect for you.
That is where we come in...

Awesome Planning Tools

We provide a range of free organized information, detailed Itineraries you could use without even thinking, travel tips on what to do in New Zealand when you arrive so there are no surprises, inspirational photos to let you know what you have to do…oh and the food…yes the food, advice on where to eat and where and at what time of the year.

Free Consolidated Booking

We have hand picked and tried all of the activities we recommend to you. They are safe, professional and are the best experiences NZ has to offer. No need to look through 10 of the same activities in different locations at different prices. We have the best ones for you.

Personal Itinerary Experts

You're about to meet someone you would love to adopt as a family member, they provide advice after getting to know you and just make everything super simple and organized. These angels sent from the stars will make you laugh and feel excited about your holiday after a long day at work.

Independent Booking Process

  1. Send us your current itinerary or let us know which of our itineraries interest you.
  2. Tells us your travel dates.
  3. We book your transport - rental vehicle or private driver/guide.
  4. We then give you some advice on your itinerary, just to make it extra special.
  5. We will provide detailed accommodation recommendations.
  6. Book your activities through Cloud Travel. (Contact us for a book full of the greatest activities NZ has to offer!)
  7. Arrive in NZ and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Send us your itinerary

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